THE SECRET NUMBER is a worldwide unique internet contest - there has never been a game like this one before. Anyone who can correctly guess the number of the mobile phone displayed in the live stream and calls the number first will win all the prizes provided by the contest's advertising partners.

How much does it cost to participate, and how often can I play?

The game is designed in such a manner that you can play as often as you wish, free of charge.

Do I have to register in order to participate?

No. No registration is required to play THE SECRET NUMBER.

In which countries can THE SECRET NUMBER internet contest be played?

THE SECRET NUMBER internet contest can be played worldwide.

Where can I look up the prizes available for winning at the moment?

All prizes are constantly displayed in the 'Prizes' menu item on the top.

How often will you add new prizes?

That depends on when advertising partners contribute prizes to the contest, which is why we are unable to provide any information concerning frequency.

Where are the prizes already supplied by advertising partners stored?

All available prizes are kept at a top secret location (AREA 77).

What does the EURO amount shown above the live stream mean?

This number represents the total value of all prizes available.

Is THE SECRET NUMBER a premium rate number?

No, it's just a regular mobile phone number supplied by an Austrian provider.

Are there eight digits to THE SECRET NUMBER after the area code?

The number can be either seven or eight digits. The operator can not be guessed from the number of digits!

Will my call be answered if I call the correct number?

No, because this might result in additional costs for the caller.

How often do I have to let the phone ring?

A single ring is enough to display the number of the caller.

Who guarantees that the call will not be forwarded?

The operator is under strict obligation to refrain from call forwarding.

Can I also participate via SMS?

No. You have to call in order to play.

How will I know if I've won?

The mobile phone display in the live stream will instantaneously show the number of the caller. At the same time, callers will also be notified of their win via mobile voice mailbox. Additionally, the contest operator will personally return your call under this number.

Can I also call using caller ID suppression?

In this case, the contest operator will be unable to call you back, and your right to claim prize will become forfeit.

Who will win if there are several calls in absence?

The person whose number is first shown on the display of the mobile phone in the live stream wins.

When will the battery of the mobile displayed in the live stream run out?

The battery can not run out since the mobile is permanently connected to a charging unit.

Will I be told the correct number some time?

Yes, the number will be announced at the end of the contest.

How long will the contest run?

The contest will run until a player guesses the correct number and a phone number appears on the display of the mobile phone.

How long will this website remain online?

THE SECRET NUMBER has been live since 12:00 am CEST, August 7, 2009, and will remain online for the next 15 years, i.e. until 11:59 pm CEST, August 6, 2024, regardless of whether the contest is still running or not - guaranteed!

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