Hello, I am LDV!



It all started with the new number for my private cell phone and a little experiment with some of my friends. How long would it take to just guess my cell phone number? This little experiment resulted in a spontaneous idea and finally became a big hit on the World Wide Web. THE SECRET NUMBER – a raffle that is about guessing a secret cell phone number to hit the jackpot with a huge number of prizes.

There can only be one to end this win-win situation!

When the cell phone on the live stream starts ringing, you are about to hit a jackpot that has kept growing and growing since the start of the game through sponsoring. Advertising partners from countries like Germany, Italy, Great Britain or the U.S. have not only piled on the jackpot of THE SECRET NUMBER. They have also increased the variety of prizes day by day. Which has raised the public profile of THE SECRET NUMBER, creating higher advertising benefits for advertising partners in return.

You think THE SECRET NUMBER is just a rumour?

Well, to all those who cannot seem to believe all this: it is nothing but the truth! With a bit of wit, patience and tactics THE SECRET NUMBER will surely be cracked over time. Apart from the fact that you might just make a mistake during dialling and unintentionally become the lucky guy and take home the jam-packed mega-jackpot. I keep my fingers crossed for you to crack THE SECRET NUMBER!

PS: For all those who want to know more about me: www.LDV-official.com